Teacher-Submitted Tutorials for Effective Distance Learning

Thank you to the dedicated mechanchim who submitted these tutorials in order to share their experiences and expertise with you.

To share your tutorials, please email feedback@turesponse.org

  1. Maximize your Teleconference 
     Presented by Rabbi Avraham Anisfeld
    (Audio only)

2. Effective Use of TurboBridge for Teleconferencing
Presented by Rabbi Wolpin

3. Using Dual Cameras for ZOOM Teaching
Presented by Rabbi Mayer

4.  Effective Distant Teaching with ZOOM
Presented by Rabbi Jacknis

5. ZOOM Part 1: Principles of Distant Learning
Presented by Rabbi Seidenfeld

6. ZOOM Part 2: Three Tips for Effective ZOOM Teaching 
Presented by Rabbi Seidenfeld
-Screen sharing