Table-top Mini-Office – Torah Umesorah – Coronavirus Response

Table-top Mini-offices

for Kids Learning at Home

Dividing off areas for children to learn helps with focus, concentration and consistency, and helps eliminate distraction and sibling squabbles!

Because we can’t always manage to provide the same table space at the same time, these personalized portable dividers bring the desk to wherever the child is.


  1. You know your child.  Find the balance between welcoming and distracting.  Provide the most productive set-up for each child.

  2. Hang charts such as multiplication tables, gematria, rashi script and similar items if helpful.

  3. Supplies can be hung in ziplock bags in even the simplest version; having everything they need will cut down on frustrating time-wasters.

  4. Have each child stash their Mini-Office when learning time is over.  Part of the appeal is having it only for learning time. It also reduces the chances of supplies being broken and/or eaten by siblings…

  5. Set up the Mini-Office outside when the weather is nice.

  6. Surprise your child with notes of encouragement and the occasional treat tucked in their Mini-Office.

  7. Two, three or even more Mini-Offices can all fit on one table, and enable multiple quiet study sessions in the same room.

  8. Other ideas:
    *Use a big box to block off an area for kids to read, do puzzles or listen to stories.
    *Let your child decorate the OUTSIDE of their Mini-Office with magazine pictures, paint or stickers.

 Simple Mini-offices:

 A box, a scissors, and a little imagination is all you need. A roll of duct tape, a few bags and a salad container can take your child’s Mini-Office from functional to FUNctional, but keep the emphasis on study-related accessories and supplies.

The raw materials...
A basic Mini-Office
The sound of shalom bayis...
"Fully-loaded with Supply Cups" Version
Secret Compartment
The Teleconferencing Teenage version
Use freezer bags for strength
1. Cut a soup container in half...
2. Use strong tape to attach bottom...
3. Use clear packing tape to secure.
Showing duct tape (middle) and clear tape (left)
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