Rabbi Juravel Stories – Torah Umesorah – Coronavirus Response

Rabbi juravel


Klal Yisroel is extremely fortunate to have Rabbi Juravel as one of the most prolific and inspiring educator of our times. His stories inform, entertain and educate thousands of children around the world.

In order to help parents provide children with enriching Torah content, Rabbi Juravel has generously loaned us his entire collection of audio recordings for home listening!

Listen here, or a selection of the most timely recordings will be available to listen by phone beginning next week.

Please respect the gift Rabbi Juravel has bestowed on us by not attempting to copy them from the site. They will all be posted here for you, but you can also purchase downloads at for offline listening. For CDs contact Rabbi Feinzeig at 917-545-3479.

Yom Tov
All Year Round
Gulet World Аренда яхты Индивидуальные экскурсии в Мармарисе