Pulling it together

8th grade

TopicTitleOver the phoneVia Zoom
NaviTwenty Eight Navi Review Activities

Mrs. Sara Brown

This item features twenty-eight ideas for reviewing Navi!
Many of these review activities can be done over a conference call. Apples to Apples, the teacher can say a general topic and everyone has to think of a Passuk or Chazzal that fits under it. The teacher will call on 5 girls to say their answers and choose a girl with the best answer to receive a point.
Taboo can be played by the teacher preparing cards of important topics, Chazzals or lessons in advance. She can go through a few cards every day and describe them one at a time. In order for the students to answer, the teacher will give a consequence, such as ten jumping jacks, and only after the consequence is done can they shout out the answer!
The illustrations and and cartoons should be handed out in advance and students can do it on their own time for extra credit.
Apples to Apples, the teacher can show her card and have the students write and show their answers with the teacher choosing one girl with the best answer.
Taboo can be played the same way as a conference call.
NaviSefer Melachim Alef Chart

Lakewood Teachers Center Torah Umesorah

This Melachim chart contains a lot of information presented in a very understandable format. Divided according to Malchei Yehuda and Malchei Yisrael, it lists the name of every king, the father’s name and how long he ruled.
This chart can be handed out and used a reference during the lessons.The teacher can also show her class specific things on the chart.
NaviSearch- the Navi: Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. Sara Brown

This item features two sample scavenger hunts in which students participate by reading the clues and finding the answers within the Navi.
The sheets can be handed out in advance and the teacher can explain the rules and the class can play together on the conference. The girls should write down their answers on a sheet of paper and send it to their teacher.Variation: This hunt can be done using zoom by having students race to answers individually or as groups. This will give more students a chance to be the winner.
NaviNavi Worksheets for Any Perek

Mrs. Marcia Zlochower

These are two worksheets that can be used as worksheets, homework sheets or review for any perek in Nevi’im Rishonim. The first sheet requires the students to fill in key information about people, events or places that appeared in the perek. The second sheet, called “The Ancient Chronicle” asks students to write an in-depth newspaper article about the perek.
These sheets can be filled in together with the class and can be mailed to the teacher when completed.
IvrisWould You Rather-Hebrew Vocabulary Game

St. Louis Teachers Center Torah Umesorah

This exciting Hebrew vocabulary game is a fun, educational twist on the popular “Would You Rather” game. It’s a hilarious game, and as long as the sentences contain enough Hebrew words then the wackier, the better!
This game can be played over a conference by students having the cards in advance.
Yedios KlaliosFamilies in Tanach Game

Chaim And Chaya Baila Wolf Teacher Center Torah Umesorah

A review game of some of the families in Tanach which can be played independently.
Students should have these sheets in advance and can play on their own time to earn extra credit.