Pulling it together

2nd grade

TopicTitleOver the phoneVia Zoom
End of YearEnd of the year Letter to Students

Ali Russ

Letter to students at years end, encouraging them to keep in touch over the summer.
This letter provides closure in a warm way. The teacher can mail it to her class or read it to them on the last conference.
Review GameBingo Review

Lakewood Teachers Center Torah Umesorah

Review Chumash, Navi or even Parsha by playing Bingo.
The girls should have the sheets in advance and It can be a great review for a conference.
Review GameClass Review Games

Rabbi Tuvya Peromsik

An assortment of seven enjoyable review games which are adaptable for any subject.
Many of these games can be adapted for a conference over the phone. The game show can be played by having the class divided into two. Every girl on the team should have a number, corresponding to someone on the next team. When the teacher asks a question, she also calls out a number and the two girls with that number race each other to call out the answer first. The game show and true or false game can be played regularly via zoom.
IvrisIvrit Review Game

Rachel Roseman

Create your own review game for prepositions or vocabulary words with this self-check game for your students.
Students can be given construction paper, loose leaf paper and a sample in advance. The teacher should explain to the class how to create this self- check game. The instructions on creating this game can be shown to the class. For an added motivation, the teacher can choose a few girls a day to show theirs to the class.
Review GameIce Cream Scoops Sorting: File Folder Game

Lakewood Teachers Center Torah Umesorah

In this review game, students sort ice cream scoops onto one of the four categories of ice cream cones. The pieces are blank so that the game can be customized for a specific topic
The icecream cones and scoops should be prepared and given out to the students in advance. The girls should play it on their own time and during one of the conferences, the teacher can review some scoops together to see if girls did it correctly.Some girls can be chosen to show their completed sheets to the class.
Chumash/DikdukPrefix/Suffix Fruit Review

Chaim And Chaya Baila Wolf Teacher Center Torah Umesorah

Students match Hebrew prefixes to the apple poster and suffixes to the orange poster. These can be used as a review game or activity to reinforce their knowledge of the prefixes and suffixes
The girls should have everything in advance. the teacher should say a word and the class should find that word and place it on the correct basket. Then they can review it together and move on to the next word.The teacher can also have one large poster and also place the word on the correct basket when they review it.
Yedios KlaliosWhose Suitcase?: A PowerPoint Game Reviewing the Main Personalities in Sefer Bereishis

Mrs. Shayna Royde

Review the main personalities from Sefer Bereishis with this PowerPoint game called, Whose Suitcase?”! Watch as items pertaining to a particular individual pop out of a suitcase and guess to whom the suitcase must belong based on the clues provided!
The teacher can ask a riddle a day, using the clues from the PowerPoint, and the students need to leave a message to their teacher with the answer!This PowerPoint can be shown to the class as an interesting Yedios Klaliyos lesson.
Review GamePopsicle Puzzle Practice Game

Chinuch.Org Staff

Review any information that is presented in sequential fashion, using popsicle sticks as the medium of practice.
The teacher should provide the students with colored popsicle sticks and a picture. Together with the class, the teacher should explain how to paste the picture. Then, the girls should fill in the appropriate information on the popsicle sticks. The rest of the game can be played alone.The teacher can show the steps of preparation and show a sample to increase clarity.
Review GameReach the Treasure Chazara Game

Chaim And Chaya Baila Wolf Teacher Center Torah Umesorah

This fun classroom game can be used to review any subject. Students answer review questions as they race to be the first team to reach the treasure.
For zoom only.The teacher can control the entire game by having the card, asking the questions and moving the pawns, while the students can watch and see which team will win! This game can be played for five minutes at the end of each day to spice up the lesson and serve as a great review on that day’s lesson.