Morah & ME


Morah elana fertig

Director of the Hollander Early Childhood Center at Yeshiva of South Shore

In conjunction with our TU Chinuch at Home project, TU presents The Morah and Me Program. Modeled after an early childhood classroom, Circle Time with Morah Elana Fertig will add structure to the day for the preschool-age child.

The program combines education in a unique way with a strong emphasis on Middos and Hashkafa. Children all over the world will join Morah Elana as she captures their attention, interacts with them and shares her joy and enthusiasm with Klal Yisroel.

Ep. 12 Art in our house

Printable: My Spring Book – PDF

EP. 13 Storytime

EP. 14 Erev Shabbos

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