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ResourceDescriptionContact InfoNotes
Dor l’dor Sefira Learning ProgramThis learning program offers raffles and other incentives to encourage Elementary-aged boys to learn every day. Speeches given by guest speakers and Gedolim. Dor Ldor FLyer
Masmidei HasiyumAn exciting program for learning mishnayos by phone initiated by Agudas Yisrael. Students track their progress with their unique PIN number and earn prizes.To sign up, contact Rabbi Reuven Hazan
1-877-SIYUM-13 (749-8613)
New feature: Rebbeim can now post their own short shiur and link them to the PIN numbers of his class.
Mishna RishonaCall in, listen and learn one Mishna at a time, starting with Seder Moed. Rabbi Fischel Schachter delivers clear and fascinating lessons on each Mishna. Review questions provided and Rebbeim can assign specific mishnayos for their students to learn. (929) 299-6700Mishna Rishona Brochure
P’sok Li P’sukeich/ Kol Yaldei Yisroel“Shiurim on Tanach, Gemorah, Jewish History; niggunim, and a recording of מה נשתנה.
If you do not have an access code, use 101. 718-682-2632
Stories and shiurim for children
(718) 906-6400 then 1-6″
WonderwordsA phone hotline from Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation offering lessons on Shmiras Haloshon and Bein Adom L’chavero through stories, interviews and contests.(212) 444-1119
TorahAnytime- Phone
A collection of stories and shiurim for children including Torah Shows by Rabbi Maimon Elbaz.(718) 298-2077, then 2, 23


ResourceDescriptionContact Info
Circle magazineA phone hotline with exciting stories and more.(347) 996-5437‬
Pirchei HotlineStories, contests, Nach, two different storytellers and more. (718) 663-0212
Hashgacha HotlinesStories and shiurim on hashgacha pratis in Yiddish, English, and Hebrew. (646) 585-2979
Technology HotlineShiurim for teenagers and adults.
TicTalkA project of Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, this Mishmeres inspiration line is exclusively for High school girls. (845) 678-8889 or (212) 596-8255

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