ChinuchPhone Documentation

Below is a set of instructions for Hosts and a set of instructions for Students. 

Your conference line access codes are going to come shortly in a separate email. 

Note: It is important that the Host Pins are safeguarded and only given to the hosts. 

Please share comments, feedback and feature requests at:

For Students:

Join a Live Call

  • Dial the dial-in number. (774) 298-9016
  • When prompted, enter your CLASS CODE, followed by pound or hash (#).

Listen to a Pre-recorded class

  • Dial the dial-in number. (774) 298 9017
  • When prompted, enter your CLASS CODE
    • To listen the latest recording – enter pound or hash (#) .
    • To listen to previous recordings enter the the recording reference number followed by pound or hash (#)

      Each recorded class is assigned a reference number starting at 1, the second recorded class is 2, etc. 

For Rabbeim and Teachers:

How to Host

  1. Dial the dial-in number. (425) 436-6275
  2. When prompted, enter your CLASS CODE, followed by pound or hash (#).
  3. Press star (*) to enter the HOST PIN, followed by pound or hash (#).
  • Phone Keypad Commands for Hosts

Control all aspects of the conference from the telephone with the following commands:
Here is a list of some of the most common commands. 

  • Remember to record your classes so that your classes are saved for replay. 
*2Caller CountHear a count of how many callers joined the conference.
*4InstructionsHear the list of available keypad commands.

Control whether or not participants are heard in the conference.

Press *5 once to mute all participants.
Participants can unmute themselves by pressing *6.

Press *5 twice to mute all participants.
Participants will NOT be able to unmute themselves.

Press *5 again to return the conference to open conversation mode.

Note: By default, all lines are unmuted, allowing all participants to talk.

*6Self MuteMute your individual line. Press *6 again to unmute the line.
*7Conference LockLock the conference and block all other participants from entering.
Press *7 again to unlock the conference and allow participants to join.
*8Entry/Exit Tones

By default, the entry and exit tones are turned on.

Press *8 to turn off entry and exit tones.

Press *8 again to turn off entry tones and turn on exit tones.

Press *8 again to turn on entry tones and turn off exit tones.

Press *8 again to reset both entry and exit tones to the default.

Note: A prompt will explain the current settings each time the host dials *8.


Press *9, then 1 to confirm you want to start the conference recording.

Press *9 again to stop recording and 1 to confirm.

If you pause recording and resume recording in the same call, it will keep it as part of the same recording.