A selection of learning resources from a variety of reputable sources


Phone Resources
ResourceDescriptionContact InfoNotes
Masmidei HasiyumAn exciting program for learning mishnayos by phone initiated by Agudas Yisrael. Students track their progress with their unique PIN number and earn prizes.To sign up, contact Rabbi Reuven Hazan
1-877-SIYUM-13 (749-8613)
New feature: Rebbeim can now post their own short shiur and link them to the PIN numbers of his class.
Mishna RishonaCall in, listen and learn one Mishna at a time, starting with Seder Moed. Rabbi Fischel Schachter delivers clear and fascinating lessons on each Mishna. Review questions provided and Rebbeim can assign specific mishnayos for their students to learn. (929) 299-6700Mishna Rishona Brochure
P’sok Li P’sukeich/ Kol Yaldei YisroelShiurim on Tanach, Gemorah, Jewish History; niggunim, and a recording of מה נשתנה.
If you do not have an access code, use 101.
Kol Halashon
Stories and shiurim for children(718) 906-6400 then 1-6
WonderwordsA phone hotline from Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation offering lessons on Shmiras Haloshon and Bein Adom L’chavero through stories, interviews and contests.(212) 444-1119
Circle magazineA phone hotline with exciting stories and more.(347) 996-5437‬
TorahAnytime- Phone
A collection of stories and shiurim for children including Torah Shows by Rabbi Maimon Elbaz.(718) 298-2077, then 2, 23
Online Resources
ResourceDescriptionContact Info
Full library of Limudei Kodesh skill building assessment content that tracks student progress through its self marking and provides reporting to teachers in real time. There will be NO CHARGE to schools during these uncertain times.
Contact Raphael Alter at
Otzar HachochmaTwo of the most extensive digital libraries of sefarim, the Basic Otzar HaHochma and Meforshei HaOtzar are now available to the public, at no charge until further notice.
Torah Live
A library of high-quality multimedia presentations across the spectrum of Torah topics designed for classroom use with accompanying worksheets, quizzes, and games.
Use promo code TORAH for free premium account.
Gemara AcademyFull classes on Mishnayos and Gemara in video and PowerPoint.
Activities for KinderColoring pages and worksheets in Yiddish available for free download from a Dropbox.
Walder Pavilion from Torah UmesorahAn extensive collection of ready educational resources in all Torah subjects.
Torahgames.orgA selection of interactive learning and review games for Torah subjects as well as an audio library of stories. Created by mechanchim.
Activities for Kinder
Coloring pages and worksheets in Yiddish available for free download from a Dropbox.
Hilchos Pesach MivtzahIndependent learning program for boys and girls which can be learned totally on their own. Learn the weekly quota of שבח המועדים and take a test to be entered into a raffle for exciting prizes. The entire sefer can be printed in English or Hebrew so no computer is necessary for learning.
Daf Hachaim
Video classes on daf yomi, complete with pictures and more.
MercavaText-based learning of Chumash, Mishnayos, Gemara and more (click on any word or phrase for its translation)
Daf Yomi
Gemara in English with summaries and Q&As (for entire Shas, not just Daf Yomi)
TorahanytimeA collection of stories and shiurim for children including Torah Shows by Rabbi Maimon Elbaz.
Secular Studies
Achievements Educational ServicesHigh-quality general studies materials (American History, Jewish History, and STEM subjects) available free of charge to parents and teachers.
Common Core WorksheetsWorksheets in Math, Language Arts, and Science based on Common Core Standards, with the option to customize worksheets and flashcards.
Math problems based on Torah topics.
MathIsFunOnline resource with interactive games, activities, and puzzles relating to math subjects. Geared towards K-8.
The Math PageFree online math courses and articles in basic to advanced subjects for Grades 9-12.


Phone Resources
ResourceDescriptionContact Info
Circle magazineA phone hotline with exciting stories and more.(347) 996-5437‬
Pirchei HotlineStories, contests, Nach, two different storytellers and more. (718) 663-0212
Hashgacha HotlinesStories and shiurim on hashgacha pratis in Yiddish, English, and Hebrew. (646) 585-2979
Technology HotlineShiurim for teenagers and adults.
TicTalkA project of Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, this Mishmeres inspiration line is exclusively for High school girls. (845) 678-8889 or (212) 596-8255
Online Resources
ResourceDescriptionContact Info
OorahHours of Kosher Entertainment from the Shmorg collection now open to all.
Hashem.comThis self-contained site has short clips and essays about animals and natural wonders, highlighting the Yad Hashem.
A project of
Jewish Bedtime StoriesA collection of audio stories from Chazal and Tanach available in Yiddish and English.
Small Wonder Puppet TheatreVintage videos of Uncle Pinchey now available for free viewing.
Torah TotsVideos, music, and worksheets on Parsha, Yomim Tovim, and more.
Story CollectionOver sixty recorded stories, each about 30 minutes long, told by master storyteller Mrs. Esther Lerner.