Rabbi Krohn: Living Lessons – Torah Umesorah – Coronavirus Response

Living Lessons

Illustrated stories and limudim brought to life through animation. Narrated by Rabbi Paysach Krohn. The Living lessons Animated Series is designed to inspire children with world class speakers and teachers. The lessons are accompanied by beautiful music, striking visuals and engaging animations. This innovative and exciting project will enhance the children’s Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas Yisroel.

DurationTitleClick Image to Watch Video
31:16Volume 8: Tefillah
25:23Volume 7: Studying Torah and the Daf Yomi
25:17Volume 6: Hasgocha Pratis
26:23Volume 5: Chessed
26:31Volume 4: Shabbos
27:34Volume 3: Pesach
25:04Volume 2: Chanukah
27:35Volume 1: Rosh Hashana


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