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Timely Message for Parents

Harav Elya Brudny, Shlita

While it is true that today school buildings are closed and classrooms sit empty, our children’s learning has never stopped. Your child’s Rebbe and Morah are working harder than ever to ensure that your child stays connected and keeps learning our precious Torah. Now, more than ever, you have become a key partner in your child’s Chinuch!

Torah Umesorah has prepared a short message from HaRav Elya Brudny, Shlita, stressing the importance of partnering in the chinuch of your children, with the rabbeim, moros and the school that your child attends, especially during this critical time.

Guidance for Parents:
Dr. Ziporah Schuck

Noted School Psychologist,
Monsey, New York

Support and guidance for parents in how to effectively nurture their children at this critical time.

Chizuk for Parents:
Rabbi Yaakov Shamshon Rawicki
Menahel, Tiferes Elimelech
Brooklyn, NY

The unprecedented successes of home schooling as teachers and parents go the extra mile.

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