Guidance for Educators: UK Series – Torah Umesorah – Coronavirus Response

Guidance for Educators

UK Series

Reopening our Schools: An Overview

Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein

Director of Publications and Communications, Torah Umesorah

Dial in # 774-298-9024  |  Access Code 7016#
UK: 0333-015-4190  |  Israel: 055-508-6130

There is no video available for Rabbi Klein

COVID-19: Opportunity for Change?

Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Darchei Torah
Member of the Torah Umesorah Vaad Roshei Hayeshiva

Dial in # 774-298-9024  |  Access Code 7017#
UK: 0333-015-4190  |  Israel: 055-508-6130

Are We Going Crazy?
Creating a New Normal for our Students

Followed by Q & A

Rabbi Chaim Rand

Psychotherapist and Cognitive Behaviour Specialist

Dial in # 774-298-9024  |  Access Code 7018#
UK: 0333-015-4190  |  Israel: 055-508-6130

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