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Parshas matos - masei

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Torah Umesorah is proud to present our Family Parsha Page:

  • Printable Weekly Challenge page
  • Word Find and other Parsha games
  • Exciting stories to read and hear 
  • Divrei Torah for young and “less-young!”
  • Programs, activities and crafts
  • Shabbos table discussion prompts
Welcome to our family!

Rabbi Juravel
on the parsha

Listen and learn with the always exciting Rabbi Juravel!

Circle Time

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Toras Avigdor Junior:

Stories for children based on the teachings of HaRav Avigdor Miller zt”l
Print the PDF for your table!
Listen to the exciting audio!

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Access Codes 2046#
UK: 0333-015-4190  Israel: 055-508-6130

Parsha Word Find

By Rabbi Binyomin Hoffman

Parsha Sudoku

By Rabbi Binyomin Hoffman


by Rabbi Maiman Elbaz

Pirkei Avos
Riddles on this week’s Perek

Parsha Pearls:
by Rabbi Dovid Cohen

Parsha Questions for the Whole Family
from Alef to Taf
by Aviva Taragin