Darkei Avos – Torah Umesorah – Coronavirus Response

Darkei Avos

Pirkei Avos memorization for life.

Instill appreciation and understanding of Yiddishkeit’s foundations. 

A Pirkei Avos project

for girls grades 6-10

Learn it.
feel it.

Live it.

Sefer Pirkei Avos

Explore each Mishna’s meaning with history, story, expansion content, and stunning illustrations.
Reg. $35, free with program.

CD and DVD

Professional and meaningful audio and video for each Mishnah aid memorization and facilitate deeper understanding.

Chazara Planner

Helps students remain focused on the program time-frame and goals.

Building Relationships

Unify students through partner learning and create an atmosphere of relationship growth.

Darkei Avos

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For questions or orders

Contact Naomi Breier at 718-744-3100 or

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