Pirkei avos pack

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Learn about the greatness of the Tannaim, while gaining an understanding of Pirkei Avos and the lessons we learn from them.

Today's Limud: Chillul Hashem

Chillul Hashem

Chillul Hashem

I Spy!

tannaim board

Understanding the big picture.
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Daily Mishna

Daily Middah

Daily Middah Activity

Suggestions for use with phone/zoom lessons

  1. Send materials to students a day in advance.
    a. Have one students prepare in advance and present to the class.
    b. Chavrusos can learn together and fill out a sheet describing the Tanna.

  2. Have a guest speaker present each Tanna.

  3. Send blank cards to students and have them fill in the information during the lesson.

Suggestions for Parents

  1. Have your child(ren) read the cards and then do the accompanying activity.

  2. Hold a family contest and see who can memorize the Tannaim and the mishnayos in their names.

  3. Do the middah activity as a family.

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