Daily Do-it:    

The Daily Do-it: (Noun) A series of teacher-created educational materials that are easy, suitable for home, and require no unusual supplies or skills! Each morning you can click and print the new craft, story, activity and game to start off your children’s day with consistency and structure.
Check back Monday-Friday for your Daily Do-its!

Story of the day:

"A Summer to Remember"
A story from the beloved Olomeinu archives, illustrated by Mordechai Zeffren

Craft of the day:

Handprint Flowers
Make your house beautiful for Shabbos with these
"hand-made" flowers

Activity of the day:

Shabbos Activity Pack
It's Erev Shabbos! Nothing stressful or complicated in here! Kids just cut, paste and color these Shabbos-related fun pages.

Game of the day:

Shavuos Fun Pages
2 pages of Olomeinu fun - mazes and more!