1st Grade – Torah Umesorah – Coronavirus Response

First Grade

Curriculum Enhancements

Over the phone:
Using ZOOM:
Emunah“Hashem Is Always Watching” Story of R’ Zundel PowerPoint Presentation
Rochele Abraham
The teacher can dramatize the lesson over the phone and then explain the concept.The slides can be shown to the class while teacher explains each one.
Mitzvos“Mitzvos Im Mayim” Lesson And Bulletin Board
Lakewood Teachers Center Torah Umesorah

This can best be used by asking students how many mitzvos have to do with water. The teacher can explain a different Mitzvah every day.Teacher can show the girls the pictures of the Mitzvah she is teaching that day, as well as the completed bulletin board.
Ahavas HashemAppreciating the Creator
Mrs. Malkah Danziger
This item features a collection of sheets focusing on the concept of Ahavas hashem and Hakaras Hatov. It would be best if these sheets could be handed out in advance. The teacher can discuss and fill in 1 or 2 sheets daily.The teacher can show the students the sheets while teaching them, in addition to the students having them and following along.
BrachosBrachos Before Eating: Dinim PowerPoint
Chana Overlander
This can be done by the teacher saying and dramatizing the scenerio that is displayed on the slides. She can then ask the students a number of questions on the scenerio to bring out the point.The teacher can teach it by showing the slides and then asking the girls to act out different scenerios.
TzniusDaughters of Royalty: Tzniyus Booklet and Song
Mrs. Chani Altein
It would be best to give out this packet in advance. The teacher can go through the sheets and explain the concepts while the students can follow along in their packet.The class can follow along while the teacher shows the sheet she is explaining.
The ShulThe Shul and its Tashmishei Kedusha: Worksheets and Games
Mrs. Rivkie Grossbaum
Especially when we are in this situation of not being able to go to Shul, the teacher can explain the Tashmishei Kedusha that are found in a Shul and discuss the importance of Shul. Two fun worksheets can also be done by handing out these sheets to students in advance.The worksheets can be done together with the class by showing them as they are being done. The teacher can also show the class some of the Tashmishei Kedusha as she teaches it.
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