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Aliyah B’tefillah

Pritable Lessons

Welcome to the Aliyah B’Tefillah International Curriculum

COVID-19 has hit us hard, in all of our communities and in all of our personal lives. With increased intensity and heartfelt emunah, Klal Yisroel is beseeching Hashem to send us a yeshuah. What better time could there be to pour our efforts into strengthening the understanding of our tefillos, for us as well as the precious tinokos shel bais raban?

What is Aliyah B’Tefillah?

Torah Umesorah created Aliyah B’Tefillah two years ago as a school-wide tefillah curriculum for primary through 8th grade boys. As students progress to the next year, lessons increase incrementally in complexity while introducing new tefillos. 

In response to our current challenge, we have made this curriculum globally accessible for adults and children of all ages.

How does the program work for us?

You will receive a printable lesson, in pdf format, every Monday and Wednesday morning.

    • Primary, 1st and 2nd grades: Includes coloring sheets. 
    • Grades 3 – 8: Includes a review activity sheet, with a few easy fill-ins or questions to answer in order to help focus the learning. 
    • Adults and high school ages: Use the 8th grade lessons.

Note: Although the lessons reference “Rebbi” and “Talmid”, the content is equally applicable for girls.

  1. Wall of Honor Program for children – Once the activity (or coloring sheet) has been completed, submit your child’s accomplishment for posting on our Wall of Honor

Text: (732) 554-1482



Grade [if applicable]

School [if applicable], 


Lesson number.

Eg: Devora Weinberg, 7th, Bnos Leah, Denver, Lesson 3.

Submissions are due in time for the next download.  For example, for Monday’s lesson, you will send in the submission by Wednesday night and for Wednesday you will send it in by Monday night.

  1. The Wall of Honor will be updated twice a week with the efforts of our children to enhance their koach hatefillah. May it be as a result of our effort to grow in Tefillah, that we should be zoche to return to Tefillah B’Tzibur in our Botei Knesios and Botei Medrashos.

The Torah Umesorah Team

Printable Lesson One:

Printable Lesson Two:

Printable Lesson Three:

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Printable Lesson Seven:

Printable Lesson Eight:

Printable Lesson Nine:

Printable Lesson Ten:

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